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Norwegian Forest Cats were designed by Mother Nature. They come in all colours with the exception of Colour Point (such as those colours exhibited by the Siamese), Lilac, Cinnamon, Chocolate and Fawn.

Their eye colour compliments their coat colour. Darker cats require less coat to keep warm since they absorb more heat from the sun. Lighter coloured cats tend to have bigger coats with more woolly undercoat.

Because they are a natural breed, their coats do not require the amount of attention that some other breeds do- Mother Nature does not have brushes and combs after all!

Their mature size varies from line to line, but they are a large elegant, intelligent cat that loves human company.

They fit in well with family life and like to get involved in all that their humans do making the most fabulous companions. But be warned- they are VERY addictive!

Welcome to our site. We’ve been owned by this amazing breed since 2003 when we began to show our first NFO (the gorgeous Ellwood), and began breeding them in 2005. They are relatively new to the UK having been introduced in the late 1980’s from Scandinavia.

These are the cats that explored the world with the Vikings, protecting the grain stores on land and at sea. They are believed to have left their progeny on the shores of North America as a legacy to the future.

Norwegian Forest Cats have almond shaped eyes in colours that range from emerald through to gold, amber or even blue. They have long flowing coats, impressive ear furnishings and snowshoes. Their heads should be triangular with a wild expression. Each time you see a Norwegian Forest Cat it is a feast for the eyes. Each time you touch their glorious coats it is a delight to the fingertips. Their personality is key- they are tremendously sociable, affectionate and intelligent cats.

“Home of Felis Britannica’s Best Norwegian Adult Male 2007, 2008, 2011 and 2012”



10th July 2016

Well, we have been to some FIFe shows since November 2015- Edenbridge, the Winner’s, Wolverhampton, and over to Belgium and The Netherlands to the North Sea Winner’s Show, but it’s been so long that the results are a blur! Because Ali is having chemotherapy, it’s been quiet on the show front since the spring because she feels so ropey and hasn’t gone to any shows since Holland. Hopefully, things will perk up and we’ll have some more Show News soon. It will be lovely to see friends again.

25th May 2015

Ok, I’ll hold my hands up; I’ve been very lax about posting my show news since the end of 2014. So much has been going on at home that the website has suffered unfortunately.  So, here is a quick catch up on what we’ve been doing and I shall endeavour to keep up to date in 2015!

So, at the end of November we went to Zedelgem in Belgium for a 2 day show. Mini Chilli, Tara and Hullabaloo came along and did well with Hullabaloo being Nominated against stiff competition on the Sunday. They were all made up to International Champions too. December saw us at Swanley where Hullabaloo was BIV both days, and Sookie, Mini Chilli and Anya all won their certificates.

We had a break for a couple of months because we didn’t have a car, but then went back over to Belgium at the beginning of March with Hullabaloo and Mini Chilli and we had a lovely weekend. Hullabaloo won his certificate both days, Mini won on Saturday but was Ex2 on Sunday.

Continuing in March, on the 21st and 22nd we went to the Viking Cat Club show in Wolverhampton- it was a long time since Ali had been up that way (she lived near there briefly!), and we had a great weekend. Anya was made up to Grand International Premier, Blackberry was made up to Champion. Nadine was there with CC (Mini Chilli’s full younger brother) and he was made up to Premier, and Chris and Phil were there with Holly and Mistletoe on the Saturday- it was so good to see them all and the cats looked fantastic, and we had loads of Nominations! Gethin came up on Saturday and had a lovely time with us all in the hotel overnight and in the swimming pool! He brought his toy cat Kayla whom he loves, and who did very well at her first show- results as follows:


SC & IP GB*Norskwood Anya CACGIB

IC GB*Norskwood Temptation CACGIP, NOM

IC GB*Mountain Spirit Hullabaloo CACGIP, NOM

GB*Cleasanta Blackberry CAC, NOM

GB*Norskwood Chipotle Chilli CAP

GB*Norskwood Holly Berry CAP

GB*Norskwood Mistletoe Kisses CAP, NOM


Kayla of Norskwood NOM, Best in Show

SC & IP GB*Norskwood Anya CACGIB

IC GB*Norskwood Temptation CACGIP, NOM

IC GB*Mountain Spirit Hullabaloo CACGIP, NOM

GB*Cleasanta Blackberry CAC

GB*Norskwood Chipotle Chilli CAP, NOM

23 November 2014

So, on 18th October 2014 I went to the Viking Cat Club show at Bourne, it was a Hallowe’en theme and so I wore my Witch costume (typecast do you, don’t answer that!) and decorated the pens. I’d asked our friends John and Caroline Tipper to bring Sookie along (she’d been on holiday there since June whilst I had treatment), and I took her Mum Anya, her daughter Tara and her Great Niece Mini Chilli aka Temptation, a real family occasion. Also there was Rebecca with Mini Chilli’s litter brother True, and her other Norskwood cats Arwen and Angharad. These are huge “babies”, I couldn’t believe the size of them! Ang decided she didn’t want to see the judge, so only the boys went up. Everyone did really well indeed. Out of the 4 cats I’d entered, 3 were Nominated for Best in Show (Anya, Sookie and Mini Chilli). Anya is doing well for an 8 year old fat cat! Sookie beat her daughter Tara to the Nomination, and Mini Chilli was BIV and then beat her Great Aunt Sookie to be Best in Show. Her litter brother True was BIV, and Arwen got his point, so they need one more to become Premier I think. Sookie is now Grand International Champion.

SC & IP GB*Norskwood Anya CACGIB, NOM

IC GB*Norskwood Sookie is Mine CACGIP, NOM

CH GB*Norskwood Temptation CACIP, BIV, NOM, BIS

CH GB*Norskwood Tara CACIP

GB*Norskwood True CAP, BIV

GB*Norskwood Arwen CAP.

13 September 2014

I’ve been a bit tardy updating the show news- I have a valid reason though, we got married shortly after the show in July, then I went into St Bartholomew’s hospital for a major operation to try and get shot of some of the cancer, so I’ve been a bit tied up!

The Viking Cat Club show in Ryton on Dunsmore was on Saturday 6th September 2014, so we set off early up the M1. Gethin has been desperate to come to a show for a while, and as he’s a little calmer now (just a little!) I said he could come and help (he loves a cat show!). We took Mini Chilli and Tara and also their Grandmother and Great Grandmother respectively Anya who is looking great. She enjoys a day out occasionally and I was very proud of her when she was Nominated for Best in Show at the grand old age of 8. Mini and Tara were just starting to get a little bit of coat back after the summer, so I was delighted when they both got their certificates and Mini was also Best in Variety and Nominated. “Little” CC, who was just 6 months and 3 days (and is a big lad) came and he won his class and was also Best in Variety. He remains a gorgeous and very chilled out boy- a credit to Nadine.

SC & IC GB*Norskwood Anya     CACGIB, NOM

CH GB*Norskwood Temptation CACIP, BIV, NOM

CH GB*Norskwood Tara             CACIP

GB*Norskwood Chipotle Chilli   EX 1, BIV

Sunday 13th July 2014 saw us at the Garden of England Moulton show. We just took Mini Chilli (Temptation) and Tara, but 2 of Chilli’s kittens (Mini Chilli’s younger brothers) were there too, and it was great to see them and their owners Sarah and Jonathan and Nadine. It was Nadine’s first show with CC, and they both took it in their stride. He is a very chilled out kitten who is happy to walk anywhere on his harness. It was his brother Cayenne’s first show too- and he was another boy who was happy to be out and about flirting with everyone. My 2 girls weren’t in coat and I was mostly there to see everyone for a day out.

CH GB*Norskwood Temptation CACIP

CH GB*Norskwood Tara             CACIP

GB*Norskwood Chipotle Chilli  Ex 1

GB*Norskwood Cayenne Chilli  Ex 1, NOM


Well, it’s been a while since we did any shows. I’d entered the Viking Show in march at Wolverhampton, but the first time I ever I felt so unwell that I couldn’t face driving all the way to the Midlands so I didn’t go; that same day I was admitted as an emergency to hospital for 10 days, so I think I made the right decision!

This past weekend (10th and 11th May 2014) saw us at the Garden of England Show at Swanley. I’m still not 100 % after my first round of chemo, so my good friend Cecilia Macleod took Tara and Mini Chilli to hers and from there to the show both days whilst Steve and I popped in to visit, and by luck were there for both cats to be judged both days. And I’m pleased to say that they’re both now Champions- well done girls, and thank you Cecilia. It was great to catch up with everyone after so long.

Also, there were some of our offspring there- the gorgeous Carlos on Saturday who won his first CAP (thanks for bringing him out again Sarah-Jane), and on Sunday there were Hugo, Calida, Black Treacle and Blue Christmas all looking fab courtesy of Steve and Jackie. Good job Carlos and Hugo were there on different days- both boys are in the same colour group and class and are big, typey cats!


GB*Norskwood Temptation CAC - Sat & Sun

GB*Norskwood Tara CAC - Sat & Sun

GB*Norskwood Carlos CAP - Sat

GB*Norskwood Hugo The Boss CAP - Sun

GB*Norskwood Black Treacle CAP - Sun

GB*Norskwood Calida CAP - Sun

GB*Norskwood Blue Christmas E x 2 - Sun


On the 15th February we took a trip up to Alcester to the Norwegian Forest Cat Club Show, one of the few GCCF shows we ever do these days. All the previous night there was a humdinger of a storm with very high winds which were still raging as we set off at 5 am. Still we arrived in once piece and went on to do quite well too and of course it was wonderful to catch up with friends who we don’t get to see very often. Two of Brea’s kittens from her litter last year Holly Berry and Mistletoe Kisses were there and looked amazing- sadly, they were up against each other. Mini Chilli aka Temptation had what is known as a “Red Card Day” meaning that she came 1st in all of her classes, and she made lots of friends with her extrovert personality. All the cats were placed in side classes and enjoyed their day out. Results as follows:

Norskwood Cracker- 1st and CC, 1st and 4th in side classes

Norskwood Sookie is Mine- 1st and CC, 1st, 2nd and 3rd in side classes

Mountain Spirit Hullabaloo- 1st and CC, 1st and 3rd in side classes

Norskwood Temptation- 1st and CC, 1st in all 3 side classes

Cleasanta Blackberry- 2nd (close call), 1st and 3rd in side classes

Norskwood Holly Berry- 2nd  (not sure about side classes)

Norskwood Mistletoe Kisses- 3rd (not sure about side classes)


26th January 2014 was the Winner’s Show.

After some debate, we took 7 cats- nightmare. The weather had been awful and there was a lot of grooming to do.

Didn’t do too badly though:

GIC GB*Norskwood Cracker CACS

GIC GB*Norskwood Arianna CACS

IC GB*Norskwood Sookie is Mine CACGIP

CH GB*Mountain Spirit Hullabaloo CACIP, NOM

GB*Norskwood Temptation CAC

GB*Norskwood Tara CAC

GB*Cleasanta Blackberry EX1, BIV (total), NOM


December 14th and 15th found us locally at the GoE Swanley Show. There was a good entry and we saw some of our offspring too, which was nice. Because I didn’t write this up soon after the show, I can’t remember exactly what we got, but Cracker was made up to GIC and was BIV Saturday. Hullabaloo was made up to Champion and was BIV both days. Sookie was Nom one day and BIV the other, Temptation won a huge class of 6 on Saturday and came 2nd Sunday, Tara was EX1 both days and BIV Sunday. Arianna won her class both days.


We’ve had a short break from shows of late due to a family bereavement, but we took 4 cats and kittens over to the Felis Beligica show in Wevelgem on 30th November and 1st December 2013 where we had a great weekend away with our British friends, and where we made more friends from other countries. We did quite well really, and had good fun too. Sookie won her class Saturday, but lost Sunday and Tara lost her class Saturday but won Sunday- the cats they were up against were both lovely and we felt that we were evenly matched, so it was a fair result all round! Mini Chilli aka Temptation, narrowly missed out on the BIV both days to an older, bigger male Junior, but she loved the whole show experience. Results as follows:


Saturday 30th November

IC*Norskwood Cracker, CACGIP, NOM

IC*Norskwood Sookie is Mine, EX1, CACGIP

GB*Norskwood Temptation, EX1

GB*Tara, EX2


Sunday 1st December


IC*Norskwood Cracker, CACGIP

IC*Sookie is Mine, EX2 of 3

GB*Norskwood Temptation, Ex1

GB*Norskwood Tara, EX1, BIV

The 5th October found us making a rare trip to a GCCF show- the Norsk Skogkatt Society at Bracknell. I’d just had my left Carpal Tunnel operated on a week before so I only entered 3 kittens (less need for intensive grooming you see, and lighter to carry!). But once again there were 4 of our kittens brought along by Dee and Rebecca. It was interesting to see people that I hadn’t seen for ages and have a chat. I can’t remember all the side class results, so forgive me if I’ve got it wrong or missed something out.

Norskwood Temptation 2nd Breed Class, 3x 1sts in side classes

Norskwood Tara 1st Breed Class, 2nd and 3rd in side classes

Cleasanta Blackberry Sundae 3rd Breed Class, 2nd and 3rd in side classes

Norskwood Xander 1st Breed Class, 1st in side class

Norskwood Angharad 1st Breed Class, 2nd in side class

Norskwood True 1st Breed Class, BOB, 1st and 2nd in side classes

Norskwood Arwyn 2nd Breed Class 3rd in side class

Plus Tara and Xander were 2nd overall in the Family Pairs class, which was lovely.


On Saturday 7th September 2013 we went to the Viking Cat Club show up near Coventry. We didn’t have a bad day all in all, and once again it was good to catch up with friends and see some of our kittens who came along too (True, Anwen, Angharad, Arwyn and Xander)- they did really well, and thanks to Glenn, Dee and Rebecca for taking the time to bring them along. Angelus was made up to Champion, which is good, and Anya and Delilah came out for the first time in nearly a year and they both thoroughly enjoyed being back at a show again.


SC & IP GB*Norskwood Anya CACGIB

CH & IP GB*Miyoda Delilah CACGIB

GB*Norskwood Angelus CAC

GB*Norskwood Angel EX2

GB*Norskwood Temptation EX1, BIV Total

GB*Norskwood Tara EX1, BIV, NOM

GB*Cleasanta Blackberry Sundae EX3

GB*Norskwood True EX1 (Best Kitten - Side Classes)

GB*Norskwood Anwen EX1

GB*Norskwood Angharad EX1

GB*Norskwood Arwyn EX1

GB*Norskwood Xander EX1 NOM


The 13th and 14th July found us at the Garden of England Show at Moulton on a hot weekend. I couldn’t take many cats having had Carpal Tunnel surgery 3 weeks beforehand, so decided on just taking the 3. On Sunday Sue brought Figgy Pudding along for her first show, and it was so good to see her and how much she’s grown- she’s becoming a lovely young lady. The cats all did well- Mini Chilli (Temptation) was Nominated both days and Tara was BIV both days beating all the Adult cats in her Group. Tara was then Nominated on Sunday, so we had 2 of the 3 kittens Nominated- sadly Tara lost by 1 vote, but she was her judge’s favourite cat of the day which was lovely. I was proud of them all.

Results as follows:

Saturday 13th July

GB*Norskwood Angelus CAC

GB*Norskwood Temptation EX 1, NOM

GB*Norskwood Tara EX1, BIV (total)

Sunday 14th July

GB*Norskwood Angelus CAC

GB*Norskwood Temptation EX1, NOM

GB*Norskwood Tara EX1, BIV (total), NOM

GB*Norskwood Figgy Pudding EX1


Well, we had a lovely time at the Aristocats show at Lutterworth on Saturday 15th June 2013. Several of our offspring were there and it was great to see Mark with Peppa and The Hamster. Chris and Phillip brought Holly and Mistletoe for their first show, and it was the slaves’ first Felis Britanicca show- the girls did well. Joanne brought Rebel Yell out for their first show. Rebel was a bit of a start and had a fabulous day for a first outing at a show winning his class, the BIV and the Nomination and then going on to become Best in Show.

I made a bit of a cock up on the grooming front and poor Hullabaloo wasn’t up to his usual immaculate self, so he didn’t get his certificate. Anwen came to her first show and was one of the youngest kittens there, and at a week older Mini Chilli (Temptation) was also at her first show- they both really enjoyed it all and were very relaxed. Mini Chilli was Nominated and so we had two out of the three 3-6 month old kitten Nominated for BIS.

The results are as follows:  

GB*Norskwood Anwen- Ex 1, BIV

GB*Norskwood Angelus- Ex 1, Nom

CH GB*Norskwood Treacle Tart- CACIB (now International Champion)

SC & IP GB*Norskwood Greebo- CACGIP

GB*Norskwood Temptation- Ex1, Nom

GB*Norskwood Holly Berry- Ex1

GB*Norskwood Mistletoe Kisses- Ex 1

GB*Norskwood Rebel Yell- Ex 1, BIV, Nom, BIS

Sorry that it’s been so long since I updated the website, but this weekend was the first show since February that we’ve been to! It was a local one at Swanley with the Garden of England and it was great to see all our friends and catch up a bit. Results-wise it wasn’t exceptional, but all the cats won the certificates that they went for which was good.


SC & IP GB*Norskwood Greebo- CACGIP both days

IC GB*Norskwood Cracker- CACGIB both days

CH GB*Norskwood Treacle Tart- CACIB both days

GB*Mountain Spirit Hullabaloo- CAC both days

GB*Norskwood Angel- EX1 both days, BIV Sunday

GB*Norskwood Angelus EX1 both days


We’re very proud to announce that Blue Boo was Felis Britannica’s top Norwegian Forest Cat Adult Male in their annual points awards - and he was only shown for the first 6 months of last year.

In that time he was also made up to Supreme Champion (a cat needs to win 25 certificates to attain this award) and Distinguished Variety Merit (a cat needs to have been the Best in Variety 10 times in a 2 year and one day period to attain this award). Well done Broo Broo, we love you.


On Saturday 16th February we went to the Norwegian Forest Cat Club Show up in Alcester. It was great to catch up people we know who only show with GCCF, and it’s a lovely little town to walk around.

We had quite a good day. It had been doubtful if Hullbaloo’s coat would recover after spending what seemed like days in the rain and snow waiting to chat Sparky up- he’d fallen in love (or was it lust?!). I’ve never seen a cat look so wet. But after some serious grooming he looked lovely to his first show as an Adult. Greebo is now 6 and a half and looks fab- big and with a lovely coat. It’s not usual to see many older cats being shown, but Greebo really enjoyed his day out. The kittens weren’t sure about GCCF- they prefer to be together in a pen, but they came out ofr lots of cuddles. All of the cats had a whale of a time in the hotel room of course.

Mountain Spirit Hullabaloo- 1st and CC, 1st, 2nd and 3rd places in side classes

Grand Champion Norskwood Greebo- 1st and PC, 1st and 3rd places in side classes

Norskwood Angelus- 1st in his first GCCF Open Class, 2nd and two 3rd places in side classes

Norskwood Angel- 1st in her first GCCF show Open Class, 1st and 3rd in her side classes


Felis Britannica’s Winner’s Show Rugby 27th January 2013- it was an average sort of day really. We had a great weekend with our friends but not especially spectacular results this time, although all the cats who were going for certificates won their class and their certificate, which is good.  Three of our cats who are now owned by friends of ours did very well too, and it’s great to see how they’re growing up.

Supreme Champion GB*Mountain Spirit Blue Boo Balou Cat DVM- Prize of Honour

GB*Mountain Spirit Hullabaloo- Ex1

GB*Norskwood Angelus- Ex2

International Champion GB*Norskwood Sookie is Mine- CACGIP, Best in Variety

International Champion GB*Norskwood Cracker- CACGIP

GB*Norskwood Angel- Ex2

Supreme Champion and International Premier GB*Norskwood Greebo- CACGIB

 Mark Crisp brought along Sookie’s sister Peppa and her half sister The Hamster, both of whom looked great:

IP GB*Norskwood Peppa- CACGIB and Nominated

IP GB*Norskwood The Hamster- CACGIB

Cecilia Macleod brought Bronwen along and she was made up to Champion- well done Bronnie. I think it was down to Mummy Ali’s grooming myself!

GB*Norskwood Bronwen- Ex 1, CAC, Best in Variety and Nominated

We had a wonderful 2 days with our friends at the joint Felis Britannica show 8th & 9th December. It was quite local for us being in Swanley and the cats did quite well. Gethin came on Sunday- he loves a cat show. He spent the day pinching sweeties from the judges tables and chatting up Hetty whose Mummy Sarah-Jane shows our Carlos- three of Gethin’s favourite things are pretty ladies, sweeties and cat shows!

GIC GB*Norskwood Arianna- CACS both days, BIV both days, NOM Saturday

IC GB*Norskwood Sookie is Mine- CACGIP both days

CH GB*Norskwood Sweet Chilli- CACIP both days: Chilli is now International Champion- yippee!

GB*Mountain Spirit Hullabaloo- EX1 both days, BIV both days, NOM both days

GB*Norskwood Angelus- EX2 both days

Sarah Jane brought Carlos and her housecat along Sunday- they both did well and looked fab:

GB*Norskwood Carlos- EX1, BIV and Nom

 Steve and Jackie brought Hugo and Tabitha along for their first show- thank you for coming, the kittens were amazing:

GB*Norskwood Hugo The Boss- CAP, BIV

GB*Norskwood Calida- EX3

Hullabaloo packed his Pet Passport and a bag and travelled off to Beaune in France for the weekend of 24th and 25th November 2012. Sadly we couldn’t go with him, so he was in the more than capable hands of his co-owner and breeder Gary Chodkiewiecz. On Saturday there was a NFO Special, and Hullabaloo won his class with Ex1 and was BIV, and then on Sunday he won his class, was BIV again and was also Nominated for the Best in Show panel. I spent a lot of time on the mobile to get all the news from Gary as it happened- what a cracking weekend they had!

Supreme Champion and International Premier Norskwood Anya (above left) Best in Show Neuter Female at the ripe old age of 6 at the Aristocats Cat Club Show Bourne 21st October 2012.  

FIFe Supreme Champion & GCCF Champion GB*Mountain Spirit Blue Boo Balou Cat DVM was Best in Show Adult, Aristocats Cat Club Shows 31st March 2012, 16th & 17th June 2012.


Norwegian Forest Cats are addictive...