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Norskwood Angel

Angel was born on the 2nd September 2012 to Buffy and Blue Boo. We did one final mating between Buff-Puff and Blue Boo because they’d had such a wonderful litter in 2010 and we’d always bitterly regretted letting Antenna (a Blue Cream girl) go.

Buffy had 8 kittens then couldn’t feed them and so Ali hand reared them. In the end she could only save Angel and her brother Angelus, and of course because they meant so much, both kittens are staying here with us. All visitors to the house are bewitched by the two of them as they’re just so friendly and affectionate as well as very beautiful.

Angel is a Blue Cream and she’s a very confident little girl. She looks very like a Solid version of her Mum and she’s developing much better than we’d anticipated. She’s a little sweetie, loves to sit on your lap but she’s also very food orientated (often tries to swipe food off our plates!) and will do anything for a feather on a stick! She is an incredibly naughty cat with a wonderful temperament.

Her head is a lovely shape with a straight profile and good chin. She has a nice rounded top of thehead, but her ears could be bigger (she takes after her Mum!). Her body is nice and long with a tail to match, and we’re waiting to see what her coat will be like.

She’ll come to some shows to see how she does- she seems to have the personality for them so we’ll report back on what happens.