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Supreme Champion & Grand International Premier GB*Norskwood Anya

Anya aka Fat Cat or Fatty was the entire second litter born to Buffy and Elfentanz Othello. She was born on 11th July 2006 on a hot evening. Because Buffy had 7 kittens in her first litter, I stayed up all night to wait for the rest of the litter only to discover that Anya was it.

A Black Silver Tortie Blotched Tabby, Anya has always been a big girl. She was 148g at birth and when weighed at the end of October 2012 she was 5.6 kg. She is a lovely and very beautiful girl. She has a wonderful triangle with a long straight profile and good chin. Her ears could be a wee bit larger, but she has a lovely top of the head. Her coat quality (especially for a Silver) is fantastic, and she has good boning, her tail could be a little longer as could her body.

Anya has an amazing personality. She is very confident and loves to flirt with people. She is my cat and likes to plonk herself on my lap for a cuddle.

She’s been going to shows since she was 14 weeks old. She dislikes GCCF shows but really enjoys the FIFe format where she gets to show off on the judges table and flirt with them. She is a FIFe Supreme Champion and having been neutered she is now being shown as a Neuter. She’s doing well too- she won Best in Show Neuter Female at the Aristocats Cat Club show in Bourne 21 st October 2012 at the grand old age of 6.

As she likes coming to the occasional show we still take Anya out and she’s still doing remarkably well for a fat cat of her age having been Nominated several times since her Best in Show win. We’re very proud of her.

Our Fat Cat had 3 gorgeous litter of kittens and we had a girl from each of them. Sadly, Arianna and Sparky have both died and so we just have Sookie-Dook now. Anya passed on her outstanding personality and type to all her kittens.

The Neuters... Marmalade - Greebo - Cordy - Anya - Buffy - Chilli - Fatty -  Cracker