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Supreme Champion GB*Tiganlea Viscountess Breanna

Brea was born on 19th September 2008 and joined us from our good friends John and Caroline Tipper at Tiganlea. She is a very elegant Black Tortie Tabby Bi Colour with the best coat quality, great boning and a fantastic expression. Her nose has a slight bump and the top of her head is a tad flat, but she has many other wonderful qualities and she’s a fabulous NFO.

Brea settled in with us really well. As a youngster she was addicted to watching the pigeons and our next door neighbour’s guinea pigs. These days she’d rather find a warm spot to snooze in. She loves her food and appears when I’m pottering the kitchen in the hope that I’ll forget that she’s already been fed. Brea is quite a shy girl with not a nasty bone in her body.

Despite being rather retiring here at home, when Brea goes to a show she’s like a different cat. She loves shows and as the judges say she “shows herself nicely” by wandering up and down their judging table and looking great. She done rather well too- Brea is now Supreme Champion with many BIV’s and Nominations to her name, although a Best in Show win has escaped her so far.

Brea has had gorgeous kittens with both Blue Boo and Cracker- they’ve all been rather large bonny babies, and very confident too.

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