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International Champion & Grand International Premier GB*Norskwood Cordelia

Cordy is also known as Miss Cordelia Chase. She was from our very first litter ever, and her Mum is Buffy, Dad is Elfantanz Othello. I had promised Steve that we wouldn’t keep a kitten from the litter and indeed Cordy had been booked to go and live with a lovely family. It was at that point though that Cordy made it clear that she wasn’t too fond of small children, and that she really would prefer to remain with us.

And so it started! Cordy is a lovely cat- she still isn’t too keen on most children although she’s mellowed having lived with our Carys and now Gethin. She’s another confident cat who loves a cuddle. She won’t take any messing though and often puts the younger girls in their place.

She has amazing coat quality, lovely strong boning and gorgeous eyes. She’s a bit short in the body and her tail isn’t long enough, but her coat along with her expression have stood her in good stead at shows where she’s done well. She usually used to lose out to Greebo for Best in Variety as an Adult, but since being neutered, she’s been Nominated many times.

Sadly Cordy never became pregnant despite being mated to several different boys and so she was spayed when she was 3.

The Neuters... Marmalade - Greebo - Cordy - Anya - Buffy - Chilli - Fatty -  Cracker