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The Neuters... Marmalade - Greebo - Cordy - Anya - Buffy - Chilli - Fatty -  Cracker

“Fatty” is jointly owned by Cecilia MacLeod, John and Caroline Tipper and us. Born in September 2010 he was bred by Fred Schara and Andrea Pinto in The Netherlands and we collected him en route to the World Show in October 2011 which was in Poland. He then travelled back to the UK with us and he now lives with John and Caroline in Lincolnshire.

Fatty has the most wonderful laid back nature. He is a gentle giant who just loves to be held and cuddled. He is a Black Tabby and White (carrying non-agouti) with enormous ears with lynx tips that would do a Maine Coon proud! He has fabulous boning, and wonderful coat and a very wild expression. If being picky I’d say his head is a little on the short side (personally, I don’t mind that), but he still has a lovely triangle and his profile and chin are great. He is currently weighing in at an impressive 8.5 kg.

Fatty has had some wonderful kittens but he’s now neutered. He did very well on the show bench and was shown both here in the UK and also in The Netherlands, Denmark, France, Poland, Belgium and Croatia- he’s a very well travelled lad.


Grand International Champion NL*Sterrekattens Bear Hug