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Here are some links to some of our cat breeder friends in the UK and overseas, and also to some Cat Clubs that we belong to….

Cat Clubs and Registering Bodies:

Friends of ours who breed Norwegian Forest Cats in the UK:

Gary of Mountain Spirit is the breeder of Blue Boo and Hullabalou

John and Caroline (Tiganlea) are Brea’s Breeders plus our shared stud cat Fatty lives with them.

Cecilia of MacLeod has our Bronwen, plus Blue Boo is father to daughters, Dorte ,  D’Arcy and Bea.

Friends of ours in the Netherlands:

Fred and Andrea of Sterrekatten’s are Fatty’s breeders

Friends of ours in Australia:

Friends of ours in Italy:

“Dan made 2 wonderful cat houses for us”