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GB*Norskwood Marmalade

Marmie was the 10th kitten born of a litter of 10 from Buffy and Greebo’s first litter. He was born in October 2007, and for some reason refused to feed from his Mum. So it was all hands on deck for several weeks whilst we hand reared him.

He was only 69g at birth but when weighed at the end of October 2012, he was 7.2 kg. Mind you, he is a bit plump...

Marmie was another kitten who decided that he was staying here with us. He really isn’t the brightest NFO on the planet, but he is such a darling and he loves all the cats and kittens. Because he was hand reared it didn’t get the anti bodies from Buffy that he needed and he has a poor immune system.

He is a Red Silver Spotted Tabby, and he isn’t the best type, but we love all the same. All Marmie wants is a cuddle, some nice food and somewhere comfy to sleep- what more could a cat ask for?

TThe Neuters... Marmalade - Greebo - Cordy - Anya - Buffy - Chilli - Fatty -  Cracker