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Premier Nordlys Dominic


Grand International Premier Forestdancer Ellwood- 2003-2012

Champion Nordlys Isadora


Always in my heart, always thought of and remembered. These were the boys that started off our love of this breed. Not a day goes by when I don’t think of them or look at a photo. Even trying to write this is painful .

My Izz-Whizz, such a loving girl. Cancer is such a nasty disease.

+We miss you.

“I believe cats to be spirits come to earth. A cat, I am sure, could walk on a cloud without coming through”

Champion GB*Norskwood Scarlett Sparkle “Sparky” 2008-2013

Sparky was the most loving of girls. We took her to be spayed in November 2013 and she died suddenly under the anaesthetic.  She got on well ALL the cats and always made sure that everyone was happy. If we had kittens who needed mothering, then Sparky was always up for the job. When Gethin was a baby she used to watch over him and let him pull himself to his feet using her gorgeous tail. He misses her terribly and asks where his “Yellow Cat” has gone to. Steve and I still can’t believe that she’s gone- the first of our home grown babies that we kept to die. We all love you Sparklett.

Premier Nordlys Dewi


Grand International Champion GB*Norskwood Arianna - “Ari” 2009-2014

Ari had a huge personality- a combination of both her Mum Anya and her Dad Greebo. We ended up with a girl from each of Anya’s 3 litters, and now we just have Sookie left because Ari has joined her sister Sparky. Why is life so cruel sometimes?

She was a very beautiful NFO who was over halfway to becoming a Supreme Champion and she had many BIV’s and Nominations in her show career. Sadly, she had a pyometra (womb infection) that proved fatal. I miss her running about like a loony and demanding kisses from me. Farewell dear girl.

Wilwow - Nordlys Fallow


Willow was our 2nd breeding girl- a wonderful girl, she gave us some cracking kittens. She was a cat who knew her own mind and wouldn’t take any rubbish from anyone, but she was well loved by us and our disabled daughter Carys; they had a very special bond. Sadly, 2 days after her 10th birthday in January 2015 we made the decision to put her to sleep as she had cancer. I miss my Wilwow.