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Photo Album “Kittens are born with their eyes shut. They open them in  about six days, take a look around, then close them again  for the better part of their lives” Weekly Update...

11 Weeks Old

Well, the time has flown by the past couple of weeks. Us kittens have had to nurse Mummy Ali along as she’s had a nasty bug and hasn’t been her usual self. We helped her by jumping on her to remind her that we needed our food and cuddles. We think she appreciated it as she always grunted and got up to tend to our every whim!

We’re now 11 weeks old and we’re very happy and loving kittens indeed. We love to explore the house and we like it when we have visitors to tell us how gorgeous we are and cuddle us. Gethin is always good fun if we want to play with the feather on a stick.

Next week our Aunties Chilli and Ari are due to have their babies- everyone’s very excited to see what they have. If you’d like to know more then please contact Ali for a chat on 0208 529 8114.

8 Weeks Old

“Brrrrrrr, it’s cold isn’t it? Us kittens are spending our time either playing madly or snuggled up with our Mum Brea, but at night we all pile on the bed to keep Mummy Ali and Daddy Steve warm. And we like to keep them entertained by doing the wall of death at about 4 am!

 We’re getting very adventurous and we like to come downstairs and play with the big cats and we love it when Gethin gets the feather on a stick out for us. Our big brother Angelus and sister Angel like to show us the ropes too and we can climb really high now.

 We’ve all chosen our new human slaves. One of us may even stay here, but if she doesn’t then she might become available to go to a loving safe home with other cats to play with. Mummy Ali also says that Chilli and Ari are expecting the patter of tiny paws in a month’s time so if you’d like to know more  please phone her on 0208 529 8114 for a chat.”

5 Weeks Old

“So, we’re now 5 weeks old and full of mischief and confidence. This week we’ve learned how to use the litter tray and we’re really good at it. Mummy Ali was very pleased with us indeed and we had some extra rabbit as a treat. We’ve discovered toys as well but they always seem to get stuck under stuff and we have to wait for someone to come and fish them out for us. We love a feather on a stick- that’s great fun.  

One of our favourite things is to come onto the bed and play- that’s great fun. The world looks like a different place from up high. Our Mum Brea always comes up with us to keep an eye on us and make sure we’re ok.  

If you’d like to know more about us kittens then please phone Mummy Ali on 0208 529 8114 after reading the Kitten Info page.”

Week 4

Us kittens would like to introduce ourselves to our admiring public! There are 6 of us in our litter; our Mummy is Brea and our Daddy is Blue Boo. We were born on 11th December 2012 within one hour- didn’t our Mummy do well? We will be old enough to go to our new homes at the end of March 2013.

The photos of us were taken at exactly 4 weeks of age. We’re very photogenic but we aren’t very good at sitting still so that Mummy Ali can get good photos of us- something always takes our attention away just at the vital moment. Still, we are very gorgeous and there are still 3 or 4 of us who would like to find our new human slaves. We’ve already started eating- we love the raw rabbit and turkey that we get as well as the other stuff. We’re thinking about using the litter tray thing too.

Week 2

Brea is proud to announce the birth of her second litter of kittens with Blue Boo on 11th December 2012. These gorgeous kittens will be ready to go to their new homes in late March 2013. They already have very distinct purrsonalities as we’ve been helping Brea to feed the girls especially and they love a cuddle from us and also from our 2 year son who likes to make sure they’re all growing well and who helps us to weigh them every day.

Sire              Dam Birth Details

D.O.B.: 11th December 2012

No. In Litter: 6

Names, Colours & Sex:

Santa Claws - Black & White Boy

Mistletoe Kisses - Blue & White Girl

Jingle Belle - Black Tortie Tabby & White Girl

Figgy Pudding- Black Tortie Tabby & White Girl

Holly Berry - Blue Cream & White Girl

Tinsel Toes- Blue & White Boy

Blue Boo