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10th July 2016

Due to Ali’s ill health (she’s been diagnosed with Peritoneal Cancer and is undergoing treatment currently), it is with a very heavy and sad heart that we’ve decided to re-home some of our Adult cats. This is not something that we have routinely done, in fact over the past 9 years we have only rehomed 4, 3 of those because of this current ill health.

All of these cats have fabulous homes and are very happy. You see, for us it is very important to find the right forever home with the right human slaves.

They need a home with either a cat proofed garden or a cat run, alternatively, if you live on a farm or in the middle of nowhere it may be suitable. If you haven’t done this already, or have much knowledge about it, ensuring that your garden is cat proofed is very easy, and there are several companies who can do it for you or provide kits.

Cat runs are also a good way of letting your cats have some fresh air but keeps them safe from cars or from being stolen. Please phone Ali for more information on 0208 529 8114, or email