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Supreme Champion GB*Tiganlea Viscountess Breanna

It was with a heavy heart that we let darling Brea go back to her breeders and our friends John and Caroline Tipper.

Ali’s illness meant that we had to downsize our cat family and so Brea is now back where she was born and we miss her terribly despite knowing she is loved and well looked after.



International Champion GB*Norskwood Roly Poly

Roly Poly (International Champion Norskwood Roly Poly) is a 4 year old Black Spotted Tabby.

He was neutered in June 2014, he’s vaccinated, micro chipped and registered with GCCF and FIFe.  

He loves to play, is very affectionate and sociable and would love a home where he can get lots of love and good food.



Champion & International Premier GB*Miyoda Delilah

Delilah/Lilah (Champion and International Premier Miyoda Delilah) is a very beautiful Black Silver Blotched Tabby and White girlie who is 6.

She’s been spayed for several years (she only ever had one litter of kittens), she’s vaccinated, micro chipped, registered with GCCF and FIFe.

Lilah is what I’d call “flighty”! Quite a shy girl she gives great cuddles to those she bonds with. She adores playing with anything that has feathers on it!

Because Delilah is less outgoing than Roly, if they can find a lovely home together he will give her companionship and confidence.


International Champion GB*Norskwood Miss CP

Miss CP is another kitten who wasn’t meant to stay! She’s originally been booked to go to live with a lady who already had one of our offspring, but sadly she was unable to have her due to ill health, and so Miss CP stayed here. She was born in February 2008 to Nordlys Isadora and Greebo.

Miss CP is very much her own cat- she likes people but she likes to have a bit of space too. She is the most unusual colour- in fact for several weeks we were unsure exactly what colour she was. In the end she turned out to be a Black Blotched Tabby, but she is a caramel colour- very rich and warm with very clear patterning.

She’s like her Mum and Dad- very long in the body with an excellent coat, she is very elegant. She has a good triangle but her beautiful green eyes are deep set and her ears are too small. Despite this she’s done quite well at shows and is International Champion.

Miss CP had 3 litters of kittens before being neutered.


Champion Norskwood Angelus

Angelus is Angel’s litter brother from Buffy and Blue Boo’s last ever litter and he was born 2 nd September 2012. Buffy couldn’t feed the kittens and so I hand reared them. I’d wanted a girl to keep from Buffy before she was spayed but of course I fell in love with Angelus too.

He is the most affectionate boy you could ever wish to meet- he adores being cuddled. He loves to play with us and also with our son Gethin, really Angelus was Gethin’s kitten as they were very close from when Angelus was about 3 weeks old. He is also incredibly naughty and loves to nibble on toes, as does his sister. He’s very fond of wrapping himself around your neck and cuddling you with his paws. And he really loves to sit on the back of the sofa and lick Steve’s head....strange cat!

Type wise he’s lovely. Like his Daddy Blue Boo he is a Solid Blue, and they look very similar. He has a long straight profile with a lovely rounded top of the head and good sized ears. His head is triangular and he has a good chin and his eyes are great. He has a very long body and a long tail to compliment it.

He will come to shows- he did one at Swanley at just 14 weeks old where he was EX2. He thought it was great- lots of people to play with and who told him he was gorgeous- he was in his element.


Champion GB*Norskwood Conchita

Conchita now lives with Claudia and Ben who have had 2 kittens from us in the past. It broke my heart to consider rehoming Conchi but I knew that she was getting bullied and I was keen to find her a home where she would be safe and loved and left alone. I don’t think it was an easy transfer for her- she is a shy cat and although she isn’t as confident as the majority of our cats, she say herself as very much my cat. Poor Claudia had to win her over, and it must have been hard for Conchita, but they now have a loving relationship. They’re going to be moving to America next year hopefully where I hope they’ll continue to be as happy. Claudia says that they might re home one of our other cats before they set off over the Ocean.

Although not the best or biggest NFO, Conchi has nevertheless had some amazing kittens- many of her offspring have been Best in Variety, Nominated for Best in Show and Best in Show over the years. We still have her son Marshall here to continue on from her and her Mum Delilah lives with us till too.



FIFe International Champion

GB*Norskwood Treacle Tart

Treacle has found a wonderful home in Bexley with Dougal (another of our cats) and another NFO to keep her company. Allan and Maureen give her and Dougal loads of love and have been patient whilst Treacle settled in and found her feet- those feet are now well and truly under the table! She’s a shy cat with lots of love to give, and will be adored in her new home. She had some lovely babies here and now it’s time for her to relax and be even more pampered.



Champion Snowrock Bestlia

It was very hard to say goodbye to my Bettykin. She’s been with me since she was 13 weeks old and has been the most wonderful girl- a brilliant mother to both her own and other cat’s kittens. But, the time was right for her to go and live in happy retirement and she now lives in Ruislip along with Nessa (her daughter), Mags and Toksvig, all of whom we bred. She’s settled in really well being the amazing cat she is and has made friends with everyone quickly.