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Grand International Champion GB*Norskwood Sookie is Mine

Sookie aka Sookie Dook or Duckles is from Anya’s final litter and her Daddy is Blue Boo. She was born 9th March 2011. Sookie chose me just like her Mum and Auntie Cordy did- she was determined to stay.

Of the 3 kittens in her litter technically she’s the least good- I won’t say “worst” because she’s a lovely cat.

She’s a Black Silver Blotched Tortie Tabby with a promising coat (massive in the winter), good boning and a fabulous purrsonality.

She’s very like Anya in temperament- she loves people and loves to flirt.

She has reasonable ears with lynx tips, a straight profile and lovely eyes. Her head hasn’t finished developing as yet and her chin isn’t as strong as I’d like but she has a great expression. She’s also a good size with a long body and she’s very athletic and muscular.

Sookie has done quite well at shows, having been shown at a couple of GCCF shows as well as FIFe. She’s been BIV and Nominated several times and she likes all the attention.

She’s even got a Pet Passport and been shown in Belgium where she won her class and became International Champion.