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FIFe International Champion GB*Norskwood Treacle Tart

Felis Britannica’s Best Adult Male Norwegian 2011 and 2012 & 2nd Best Adult Male in Category 2

Treacle is a very Black Spotted Tabby. She was born in April 2010 to Willow and GIC Lir Gatta*PL, who is a stud cat imported from Poland by our friends John and Caroline Tipper.

Treakie is a total darling- there is just not a nasty bone in her body and she loves to cuddle up with Steve on the bed as long as she thinks he doesn’t know about it! Steve takes it as a compliment as she’s quite a shy cat.

Not the most perfect of Norwegian Forest Cats in the cattery, Treacle nevertheless has many outstanding qualities. She is a big, long cat with excellent coat quality and boning. She has wonderful ears and a long tail to balance her body but the bottom half of her head is a bit weak and she can sometimes look a little like a Maine Coon, although less so as she matures.

Treacle has a quiet and calm nature and she gets on with most of the cats. Her kittens have been outstanding with very outgoing personalities. Treacle’s one big problem is her athleticism- she can climb almost anything and she is the family escape artist.

She’s been to several shows and has always been Ex1, and she’s now a Champion. She’s come to the occasional show as she matures to see how she gets on as she develops- Treacle is one Norwegian who seems to be a slow maturing cat.